I’m still no closer to figuring out what relation kath and boyd are to me :( i’ll give my mum call and ask her. I bought a sim card today with cheap international rates, so cheap it is actually cheaper for me to call oz then the uk. I also applied for some jobs, one at Windsor Castle, i figure the promotion opportunities there would be pretty good and if i work hard i might get to be the queen of england! I also applied for a job at a pub. I looked into getting benefits but it seems a lot easier to get job then to get benefits, and even when you do it’s only £47 a week, hardly enough to get drunk on in the UK. I really miss centre link :( i don’t have the internet at the moment and i’m getting withdrawals. There are a lot of wifi hot spots around but there all locked :( kath has noticed i’ve gotten a little bored and has suggested i go stay with boz who has 3 sons around my age. They live closer to london town so i think i’ll do that, and boz works at heathrow so he might be able to line me up with some work. maybe they’ll let me fly the planes or even give people petit bags of really salty nuts and then little cans of coke that wouldn’t quench the thirst of a drowning mouse who’s not really thirsty in the first place because he was having a drink before he started drowning. I’m going to go to the library tomorrow to use the internet to continue my search for work.