I just got in from a night out with my second cousin, cathy. It was an early one because i’m shattered from friday night. I went out with Haley, another second cousin and got very drunk on tripples :s so i couldn’t give it my all tonight. Cathy wouldn’t let me walk home because she feared for my safety and put me in a cab which was sweet. when Haley and i walked home on friday night we had a big drunking deep and meaningful.

Today haley took me shopping for work clothes but i was quite hung over :( then i had a hair cut which made me feel surprisingly good. It set me back £9, that’s twice what old mate in carrington charges and they didn’t even pull out the cut throat!

I’m moving in with kay (my dads cousin), bob (her husband) and haley (their daughter, my second cousin). It is close to cathy (their middle daughter, also my second cousin) who got me my job and who i will be traveling to work with. They also have the internet :) they have 2 english sheep dogs. I’m not sure if their called english sheep dogs because they look like sheep or because their used for herding sheep.

My last lie in tomorrow :(