I’m sitting at charles de gall airport in paris. Nathalie left for greece a few hours ago for her teaching job and i’m off to london staying with some family on my dads side. I’ve been at airports for 22 hours now and my flight doesn’t leave for another 2. The reason for this is that nathalies flight was at 06:10 out of orly which meant she needed to be there at 04:10 so it was easier to go there the night before and because we couldn’t be bothered dragging all our luggage around paris all day we decided to head straight there after we checked out of our hotel. So we slept on some reasonably comfortable airport chairs and then i bid her goodbye and headed over to the other side of paris to the airport i was flying out from.

I’d like to do paris in the winter when there there less tourists like me :) the louver was awesome but honestly i got a little bored in there, too many paintings of jesus. I found londons tate to be more stimulating, and at the tate you don’t get in trouble for sitting on the ground, i think they’d encourage it. Next time i’m in paris i’d like to see what morden art paris has to offer.

Now for some travel tips;
The trick with public transport in france is to not validity your ticket, that way you can use the same ticket over and over 😉
another trick i’m using is bringing a laptop with me, most airlines allow you to bring a laptop as well as your regular hand luggage so i’ve pack my laptop case with heaps of heavy junk and i’ve got and extra 5kg to play with (minus a couple of kgs for the laptop its self)
And if you have a pda, get a program called metro. It’s free to download and will give you public transport directions in most major cities using buses, subways, shuttles, trams, and trains. It’s been very useful.
Never complain to a person behind a desk, they have the customer service skills of a donkey and the initiative of a brick. Cut your losses on the day and complain to the company via email. I scored £40 of eurostar vouchers this way.