Nathalie has a job interview today at a bar here in Cahors. If she gets it we’ll get an apartment here and settle here for a while. It’s a nice place and it’s wine country although I haven’t had much wine yet. If Nathalie gets this job we’ll drink wine :) I am trying to apply for uni here. It’s really difficulty trying to get though all the French bureaucracy. My first taste of French bureaucracy was 15 minutes after arriving in France. We paid for the tickets using Laurens credit card which we obviously didn’t have with us when we reached the first stop on our train trip to Montpelier. But they wouldn’t let us onto the next train until we showed them Laurens credit card or gave them the numbers from the credit card again. It was for security but they didn’t actually want to see the card, just get the numbers again :s I wonder if that’s why the unemployment rate is so high here, maybe they just haven’t filled out the right forms.

Cahors is really nice, it’s defended on 3 sides by a river which has a 16th century castle bridge crossing it and on the other side by a wall. The defences must be really good because I haven’t seen a Viking yet!

I’m picking up French pretty well, today I asked where the plastic forks were and the guy understood me. A lot of words are very similar and most of the time I just speak English with a thick accent.

We’re still in a back packers here and I’ve found wireless internet :) so I spent a lot of yesterday putting a map of where I’ve been on my site. It’s on the main page, just scroll down :) There are lots of hippies here. Nathalie and I washed out clothes in the bath yesterday and hung they up in a spare room here. Then Nathalie got yelled at by the cleaning lady. It made me laugh.