I’m sitting in the center square of Montpellier been spoken at by some drunk French man. He seems happy though although I have know idea. He probably wants to play pin the tail on the Aussie :( he just kissed me on the neck but it is France :s l told Nathalie that I would meet her here so I’m a little stuck :( I took lots of photo’s today, Montpellier has heaps of really pretty lane ways. We’re leaving here on Monday because we’ve been here a week and are yet to find an apartment or jobs. A week is all Montpellier gets to impress me :)

With my neck still wet I continue this blog from the comfort of Kevin’s apartment. Kevin is a friend of Nathalie’s. They were each others exchange students when Kevin lived in Reunion Island. He’s been letting us stay at his place which is really nice because he lives in a studio apartment and has had no privacy since we arrived last Sunday.