The other day I discovered that male brains don’t stop maturing until 25. This made me feel so much better. Now I’ve got an excuse for the next year and a half! I’m still saving up all my money for a trip overseas. A fellow called me the other day regarding a message I left on a forum. He has a ship in Australia and he needs crew for a trip to India! He’ll be leaving early next year so if I can get a berth on that ship I’ll be off :)

I went to Chris’s last night for his birthday party. They have renovated a lot of their house and I noticed that in the corner of their new toilet they had a replica of Kazimir Malevich’s, White on white, a suprematist composition. I was very impressed that one, they had this piece of art work and were brave enough to make such a bold statement about suprematism by placing it in their toilet, and two that I’d remembered something from my art modernism 1010 course. I told Chris’s mum that I liked the ark work in the toilet. She said “the photo?” I replied “no, that Russian one in the corner.” She looked at me with a confused look and then she told me to open it, that’s when I discovered that it was an electrical box :( I felt a little dumb. I took a photo of it so I can prove that they look very similar.

I spent the weekend cleaning my room and getting Nathalie’s room ready and then did the domestic thing for my mum. Put together some benches, went shopping, and then I re tiled some of the back yard. Now my weekend is nearly over but it’s alright, I’ll get to see Michael tomorrow. He’s the fellow that hooked up my part time job. He’s got pretty eyes and me lets me call him Mike 😉