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I’m working on an english to pirate translator. I’ve used this technology to create a pirate bible making “god” more accessible to pirates which is why a lot of the translations are biblical. Here are the translations so far. I have been using php and mysql to replace the words but php does have its limitations. I’ll probably write a java program instead. Enjoy!

English Pirate
abraham Cap’n Hook
Adam Land lober
after aft
allah Admiral White Beard
am be
amen Arrrmen
angel Buccaneer
apostles privateers
are be
ark galleon
attractive comely
bank buried treasure
bread biscuits
cheat hornswaggle
child sprog
children sprogs
christ pirate
christian pirating
christians pirates
crucifix plank
crucifixion walk t’ plank
cubits peg legs
devil davie jones
die visit Davey Jones’ Locker
died visited Davey Jones’ Locker
donkey canoe
drink barrel o’ rum
earth seven seas
Eve Rib wench
excuse me arrr
find come across
food grub
forward fore
friend me bucko
gabriel Buccaneers Servant
gabriel Buccaneer
god Admiral White Beard
grass waves
happy grog-filled
heaven Pirates Cove
heaven Pirates Cove
hebrew Haitian
hell maelstrom
hell maelstrom
hello ahoy
herd ship
hi yo-ho-ho
how far how many leagues
inn fleabag inn
is be
Israel Haiti
israeli Haitian
Israelites Haitians
jesus Cap’n Cross D. Plank
jesus Cap’n Cross D. Plank
jew Haitian
jewish Haitian
joseph Calico Jack
joseph Calico Jack
kill keel-haul
killed keel-hauled
know be knowin’
lean careen
leave weigh anchor
madam proud beauty
mall market
mary Wench Lion D. Virgin
miss comely wench
money doubloons
month moon
months moons
morning sun com’n
moses Cap’n Clegg
moses Cap’n Clegg
mother dear ol’ mum, bless her black soul
Muhammad Cap’n Cave Dweller
my me
nearby broadside
nonsense bilge
nose prow
ocean briny deep
of o’
officer foul blaggart
officer bosun
old barnacle-covered
pardon me avast
Praise be to and a yo-ho-ho t’
pub Skull & Scuppers
quickly smartly
restaurant galley
restroom head
roman Conquistador
romans Conquistadors
rome Madrid
sailor swab
Scripture scroll
servants slaves
shepherd ships capt’n
sir matey
sleep take a caulk
song shanty
spirit flag
stop belay
stranger scurvy dog
stupid addled
sword cutless
sword cutlass
tell be tellin’
the t’
there thar
thy yer
waters seas
where whar
wine port
wise men freebooter
yes aye
you ye
your yer
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  1. I fell across your fascinating site while searching for some anatomical euphemisms. This is great stuff!


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