The purpose of this project is to create an online mind. Click on memory link which you associated with the main memory of the each page. This creates a link between the two. The memory links are partly random and partly effected by previous connections. This is very much in beta stage and it’s 1am when I am writing this so forgive me if this doesn’t make any sense. Simply put, wikipedia meets twitter meets AI. Enjoy!

It’s the next morning, I’ve added a robot question to stop bots added to this. At the moment, 5 memories are associated and 5 are random. If no memories are associated with a memory, it will just display 5 random memories. In the future I want to expand the associations to multiple levels to produce more complex connections. This is ready to go live, so please enjoy.

Improvements to come;

  • Sources of memories, just url’s where the memory came from
  • A weakening of links when a memory is continually not re connected
  • Different types of memories, facts, thoughts etc
  • Ignore inputs of bots

Please add suggestions below.

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