Transmission delay start

I had an issue when I booted my TV laptop which is running DebianMint. The torrent program transmission would not automatically start with the torrents running. The torrent files are on an external USB harddrive so I assumed that it wasn’t mounting before the program loaded which was causing the problem. I tried putting a delay in the startup application preferences with something like this.

sleep && transmission -m

But then transmission wouldn’t load at all. I think it was an issue with the startup program killing processes that take to long, this makes sense otherwise rouge processes could make booting up a nightmare. So I created a file called transmissionstartup in /bin and called that in the startup instead of transmission itsself.

#Starts transmission with 30 second delay to allow usb drives to mount
sleep 30
transmission-gtk -m

  • Torleif

    Thanks for the heilp!
    The problem is that my transmission-daemon runs on my HTPC and I do not always boot innto X. I usually directly boot into Xbmc, but wish to have transmission-daemon to run in the background.
    Maybe I can use a “sleep 120” command in my /etc/init.d script?

    Thanks again!!

  • Torleif

    I have a similar problem. running ubuntu.
    I have transmission-daemon starting at boot, but it starts before my NFS mount is mounted. My startup scripts are in /etc/init.d
    Can you explain a newbe how to use your script?
    I also posted my problem on a other forum if you wish to read?


    • Greg

      Hello torleif,
      I wouldn’t put the script in /etc/init.d because those scripts are run as root and won’t have an xwindow. I
      created a file called transmissionstartup in the /bin directory which contained the script

      #Starts transmission with 30 second delay to allow usb drives to mount
      sleep 30
      transmission -m

      Chmoded the script so it is excutable

      chmod -x /bin/transmissionstartup

      Now when i type transmisionstartup in the terminal transmission will start with a 30 delay. I then added transmisionstartup to my startup applications which is found in the preferences menu.

      I hope that explains it, if you are unsure about anything let me know :-)