Headless auto DVD rip and encode

Headless auto DVD rip and encode is a group of scripts for headless DVD ripping and encoding. Just pop the DVD in and when it has finished ripping it will eject the disc and will continue to encode. Everything is logged and depending on your processing power, you can encode multiple discs at the same time. The scripts were designed on Debian 5.0 but should work on other distros without much work. In order to run these script;

Download the script as a tar.

apt-get install the following
HandBrakeCLI – for the encoding
hal – to automatically run the program on DVD insert
lsdvd – to retrieve the title of the DVD

Then change the settings in this file to suit;
Then place these files in the following locations;

Then chmod to 600 and allow them to be excuted, then restart hal with “/etc/init.d/hal restart” and throw in a CD :) enjoy!

Any questions, comments, or suggestions please contact me

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