Life lessons learned

This is a list of lessons I have learned so far during my 1028204661 seconds or 11901 days of existence. I look forward to growing and adding to this list.

Legal doesn’t mean moral
Illegal doesn’t mean immoral
Rules are created for those without common sense or morality
You can’t experience non existence so don’t worry about death
Your purpose in life is to improve the universe
You are always completely free even if your choices are limited
The easiest way to improve the universe is to smile
Dancing is fun
An honest complement about someones old jumper is more effective then a dishonest complement about someones ugly new house
You can always find a way to complement someone, even a ugly new house will have some pleasant features
Love isn’t about not hurting each other, it’s about loving each other
Sometimes the truth hurts but it is better then living a lie
It is more important to be yourself than to fit in
School isn’t the best years of your life
Just because someone tells you something confidently, doesn’t make it true
If you need to tell a lie, say it confidently
Trying lots of different things shows more character then sticking to something you don’t enjoy
Don’t bother chasing girls, by the time your ready to settle down they’ll be chasing you
Think rationally but don’t ignore your subconscious
Deriving morality from a single source is weak
Religion is a very limited framework for morality but it may sometimes be better than none at all
Be confident, what’s the worst that can happen
There is no shame seeking help
You can’t be brave without being scared
The majority aren’t always right
You don’t need a reason to laugh
If someone hurts you, tell them
A group of people are dumb
There are many norms in our culture which are really stupid
Don’t judge people but don’t let people push you around
Write your thoughts down
You don’t have to plan your life in your teens but a little direction is always good
Try to understand how others may perceive your actions
People only seem irrational because you have not had their life experiences
Your penis has very short term goals that probably aren’t conducive in achieving your long term goals
You never finish growing up

This is an extension of a blog post Things I wish I knew when I was younger I wrote in April 2010.

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